Radiator Outlets Guide to Electric Radiators

Radiator Outlets Guide to Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are an energy efficient way to heat the home and are particularly convenient if the room/area

Electric radiator guide

Electric radiators are an energy efficient way to heat the home and are particularly convenient if the room/area in question has no access to gas supply.

Some benefits of choosing an electric radiator are:

  • Low-cost installation
  • No maintenance is required
  • Reliable long-term heating
  • 100% efficient meaning all electricity used is turned into heat
  • Precision heating with reliable accurate thermostats and evolving smart thermostats, minimising your energy costs as well as reducing the carbon footprint of you home
  • They generally take up less space
  • Electric radiators are quiet, ensuring the peace of you home won’t be disturbed by sounds of rumbling pipes.
Electric radiator guide

Are electric radiators expensive to run?

Electric currently costs more than gas. However, with precision heating control and timers, electric radiators in the long run can work out to be the cheaper option. Up to date smart thermostats help to make electric heating even more cost effective, as the technology works to meet the precise needs of your home or workspace.

What’s inside our electric radiators?

Radiator Outlets electric radiators are filled with a thermodynamic fluid called glycol. The glycol used in our electric radiators is a non-toxic heat transfer fluid with antifreeze and anti-corrosion (rust) inhibitor.

Is Glycol Safe?

There are two types of Glycol.

  • Ethylene Glycol – Commonly used as anti-freeze in automobiles, brake fluid and some human made fibres.
  • Propylene Glycol - Propylene glycol is the non-toxic variant of glycol. Used in foods, cosmetics, oral hygiene products, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry and Radiator Outlets radiators.

Each of our electric radiators come pre-filled and include the correct rated heating element. A heating element is a device which converts electrical energy into heat.

The heating element included will need connecting to the radiator prior to use, your package will arrive with easy-to-follow instructions helping you to quickly connect this device.

An electric radiator will convert all the electricity it uses into heat, making them 100% energy efficient

Electric radiator guide

No access to gas supply?

For customers without access to a gas supply, our electric radiators are a fantastic choice.

If your radiator is integral to the design plan of the space, then our contemporary designer radiators are certainly worth considering. Available in either flat or oval style panels, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your space without compromising on style.

For bathrooms, our electric towel rails come in our oval style and three popular colour choices: white, chrome and anthracite.

Electric radiator guide

For customers wishing to heat a conservatory, garage or orangery.

As structures mainly consisting of glass, both orangeries and conservatories tend to be warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. Radiator Outlet’s designer radiators are a popular and convenient choice for heating these spaces when the cooler seasons come around.

Radiator Outlets electric radiators conform to all British Standards and are tested and certified to BS EN 442 Standards. All safety marks are affixed to each radiator we supply.

Each of our designer electric radiators come with a 10-year guarantee

For more information on any of our electric radiators or heated towel rails, simply drop us an email or pick up the phone to our team who will be happy to help.