Holiday Home Radiators

Holiday Home Radiators

A dream for many is to own a holiday home, a place of our own where you can escape from any stresses or routines and clear your mind.

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A dream for many is to own a holiday home, a place of our own where you can escape from any stresses or routines and simply relax, recharge and clear your mind. Whether it’s a seaside apartment, a cabin bordered by woodland or mountains, or even a city location, they all make fantastic holiday locations for escaping the daily grind of the working week.

As these secondary homes are rarely occupied for large durations, another benefit to having a second home is the growing demand for weekend getaways and the great investment opportunity they offer, with overseas travel still somewhat limited; the demand for picturesque escapes within the United Kingdom is higher than ever.

Furnishing these holiday escapes can be exciting yet challenging at the same time depending on your primary use. If the main purpose of your secondary home is for your own use, then giving it your own touch of individuality and making it feel homely is the top priority, what better way to make a holiday home a ‘dream escape’ than ensuring it is always warm and inviting!

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At Radiator Outlet we have both central heating and electric variations available, including heated towel rails. Electric bathroom radiators are very popular for holiday homeowners that rent their property to guests. Reviews show that holiday makers appreciate a lovely warm bathroom, with heated towel rails essential for longer duration stays.

Radiator Outlet can assist with choosing the perfect radiator or heated towel rail for your special home away from home. Whether a large holiday home, or one more modest in size we have a huge selection of radiator sizes available ensuring a coordinated and tasteful appearance throughout your property.

If your home is more of a cabin style or situated in a more rural location, then adequate heating is a must over the winter months to ensure consistent warmth. The preferred heating choice for this type of home would be central heating as it gives you the option of choosing any of our radiators to suit, without compromising on style, size or colour.

If you have a small and cosy holiday home, then keeping a spacious feel is quite important, so opting for vertical space saving radiators throughout is a sensible choice. Vertical radiators are available in both modern and vintage traditional styles. Both have a fantastic visual appearance and with the great colour options we have available, you are sure to find the perfect match for your interior styling.

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Central heating radiators are the most used option in UK households and are our recommended heating option for holiday homes. But, if your holiday home is rarely occupied, located in a warmer environment, or has no central heating; our electric radiator range is a great option. Our electric radiators are a simple plug and play radiator that can warm your home up quickly with the flick of a switch. If it’s a little boost of heat on a colder day you require, or a permanent heating option you need due to central heating restrictions, we have a selection of vertical radiators and horizontal radiators available in electrical format that heat up quick… and look great!

Holiday Home Styling?

If you are currently looking at a holiday home to buy or are in the process of renovating a second property, we have put together a handy colour palette using this season’s most popular colours. When taking on a DIY project, for the cost involved you want to get it perfect. With the variety of radiator styles and colours we offer, you won’t leave our website disappointed.

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If you need further inspiration, why not check out our customer image gallery!