Heating Your Home Workspace

Heating Your Home Workspace

It is not unusual at present to read about the elevation in home office spaces after the past year or so of distanced home working.

It is not unusual at present to read about the elevation in home office spaces after the past year or so of distanced home working. But perhaps what we would not have expected this time last year is that the ‘home office’ would become something new and permanent for some.

We spent some time speaking to people who are now working from home indefinitely and there is no doubt a lot of positivity surrounding the subject. But a common recurring point was that being in the home environment could affect productivity and consequently part of their time was dedicated to practicing self-discipline in their newly required routine. Unsurprisingly, reconfiguring spare space to aid with this, was also of a top priority.

Confirming, that creating an area at home that gives the sense or experience of stepping out of the home environment and into one of work is extremely important... if not essential, for achieving the required levels of productivity and concentration to do jobs well.

Que the growing trend in home office must haves; space saving desks, organisers and my new personal favourite, the lumbar cushion. But is it enough in the long term to simply invest in a new piece of furniture or storage setup, or would it be more practical to explore the idea of creating a whole new designated space solely for homeworking?

With the number of webpages and blogs decorated with inspiring ideas for creating the perfect work from home environment, you can be confident that whether you are choosing a small space in the back lounge or planning a renovation in the shed, you will not be alone on your journey. The internet is on hand to assist with barrels of advice and Radiator Outlet is here to help you warm up these exciting new spaces.

Radiator Outlet can assist with adding a complimenting feature to your new workspace, as well as ensuring that once the cooler months start approaching again, you will not have to anticipate a chilly welcome at the start of your shift… especially if your workspace is indeed going to be in your garden shed or outbuilding. No matter the location, style or colour scheme of the surroundings, we have you covered.

For a bachelor pad style work area or an office space with a harmonising natural atmosphere, how about our High-Quality Traditional Column Radiators in a shade of irresistible designer Anthracite grey. Or for a lighter shade, we have our stunning overt ‘Raw Metal’ grey radiators, designed to replicate the traditional cast iron radiator.

Our traditional radiators like to show off against bold colour tones and industrial styled accents, whilst their sleek curves give a homely, yet sophisticated impression.

The Anthracite grey radiator is quintessentially at home with natural textiles/materials and outdoor inspired motifs.

Our Raw Metal grey radiators are excellent twinned with more rustic decor. So, if you are exploring bold paper prints, or industrial inspired furniture pieces, this is the radiator to compliment them.

For the office space away from the house or an area where installing a new central heating radiator is not an option look no further. We have an impressive range of electric radiators that can outshine any rivalling portable heater.

Sleek, trendy and boasting a stellar heat output, these radiators are worthy of the position they hold within the market of designer electrical radiators.

Available in three colours; our make a statement Black radiator, Anthracite grey and eye-catching crisp White. These electric radiators can be purchased in a contemporary flat panel style or traditionally oval, depending on your preference.

Our electric radiators also come in a variety of width sizes, so you can be confident that regardless of how much space you are looking to keep cosy, Radiator Outlet has the perfect size electric radiator for you.

If you would like more information or are unsure about anything specific in regard to any of our radiators, just pick up the phone and have a chat with our team. Between us, we can help to get you swiftly set up on the heating front in your new workspace.